The Right Fit

Chances are you'll invest in every shape and shade of bra from your teens and onwards. Throughout life, the body changes shape - either from diet, age or pregnancy - and the breasts are often the first place to show signs of distress. It is highly likely that you will have many old bra styles and designs in your drawers - from sexy, alluring, comfy, sweater to cleavage styles, as well as the gray, frayed version that just "always seems to fit best".

However, Lingerie manufacturers say that up to 85 percent of us walk around with a bra that doesn't fit, and quess what? A bra that doesn't fit does nothing for your figure. Without the right underwear, your clothes never look quite right. So, set aside time for a lingerie-clearing session, and put away anything that doesn't do you justice.

Bra Basics
  • If you wear good fitting bras, you should not be able to feel that you are wearing one at all.
  • If the band at the back of the bra rides up, then the band of the bra is too loose, so you need to adjust the band size.
  • If the underwire is on your breast tissue, your bra cup is too small.
  • If the bra straps dig in, your bra is too big around the body. This causes you to pull the straps up too tight for support.
  • If your breasts are falling out of the bottom of the underwire, the band of your bra is too big and the cup is too small.
  • If your breasts overspill out of your bra, you need to increase your cup size until you have a smoother silhouette, under clothes.
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