Practical Tips for Proper Bra Fitting

- The first measurement is the Band Size, or the chest measurement under the breasts. This is the Number Size of the Bra: 32, 34, 36...
- The second Measurement is the Cup Size. This is determined by the actual breast measurement: A, B, C...
- Always have someone else measure you. It is never accurate to do it yourself.
- If you want to measure over your own bra or your clothes be sure to wear a thin t-shirt.
- Wear a bra without padding to be accurately measured.
- Allow the salesperson to show you and let you try different styles and makes of bras. Every style has a unique feel and fit and can "shape" your breasts differently.
- Take time to try on bras. Don't rush. Let the experienced salesperson show you the fit, feel and features of various styles and shapes. You will want different bras to accommodate and look good with your various looks.
Take a moment and discover you bra size by entering band and cup measurements below:

Band Size

Enter your Band Measurement here:

Cup Size

Enter your Cup Measurement here:

Your size calculation


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