Caring for Lingerie

Lingerie Care Tips


Caring for your Lingerie

Quality garments should be treated with respect and care, lingerie is no different. To maintain the longevity, beauty and quality of your intimates, the first rule to follow is reading the care instructions found on each garment care label.

Stain Removal

Pretreat stains on heavily worn or delicate areas such as the underwire, straps and lace with a mild stain removal soap bar. While wetting the stained area, use the soap and rub gently to remove the stain.

Hand Washing

Washing lingerie by hand is by far the best method for maintaining the longevity, beauty and quality of your intimates.
When hand washing your garments use a mild detergent with cold water, and avoid rubbing the fabrics. Always ensure that the back hook and eyes are clasped together prior to washing to prevent potentially snagging other garments.
Hang to dry or lay item flat in its natural shape on a drying rack.
If your item requires it, steam to remove wrinkles; do not use the iron directly on silk or synthetics.

How should you treat leather?

Lingerie with leather can be difficult – because leather can crack and or discolor when wet. Be sure to check the care label to see if the leather is washable. If not, consult your dry cleaner.

Caring for your Swimwear

Rinsing your swimwear after use is the best way to ensure you get a long life for your swimwear.

Removing Stains

Treat stains, especially those on the underwire & straps with a mild detergent, cold water, and avoid rubbing the fabrics
The best method for removing odors is to adding a ¼ cup of Scented Vinegar to a tepid water bath, and soaking the item for 30 minutes.

Hand Washing Swimwear

Fill your basin or sink with warm water and add 2 capfuls of delicates wash or a detergent and let it soak for up to 30 minutes.
Rinse well and squeeze out water, avoid ringing or twisting because this causes the elastic to stress and reduces the life of the garment.
Do not machine dry, as the dryer will break down the fibers, so hang dry it for the best results.

Some additional tips

Avoid the Cleaner

Most of your wardrobe is washable - including wools, silk, and many synthetics. Problems can be had with viscose, rayon, and polyimides, so be mindful of these in your garments.

Steaming vs. Ironing

We recommend steaming. It’s a safer, easier and fabric-saving alternative. Simply hang your item and hover over your garment with the steamer, moving vertically from top to bottom.


To get the longest life out of your garments and a best practice for avoiding stain build-up is pretreating your garments every time before laundering, even if no stains are visible.
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