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1946 | Creation The name Empreinte comes from the French song : Je ne peux effacer l’empreinte du passé… which means : I can never erase the imprint of the past.... Founded by Jean Le Her just after the war, Empreinte specialised in making girdles and underskirts in its factory in the town of Brest.

1948 | Innovation Inspired by American models, the new fashion was for high, pointed busts. Corsetry designers strived to offer non-constricting bras that were comfortable to wear and did not distort the shape of the bust. Mr Le Her's two closest collaborators rose to the challenge and created cup sizes A, B and C. Cup size D appeared in 1960, followed by the E cup in 1962. Even at this early stage, innovation clearly played a key role in the brand's values.

1968 | Liberated women Created by Du Pont de Nemours in 1959, lycra was to revolutionise lingerie. Invisible and highly effective, it brought new-found softness to underwear. This was a time for liberation and emancipation. As the body was set free, the girdles that had pioneered Empreinte's success were replaced with lighter underwear for a more natural look. Empreinte chose this period to create its first swimwear collection.

1980 | Exhibition and ostentation During the 80s, femininity was shown off almost to excess: the craze for aerobics created extremely toned and self-confident female figures. Fashion took centre stage, with the emphasis on sexy, powerful femmes fatales. Empreinte was quick to follow the trend, with collections offering absolute support and complete comfort as well as increased sensuality in line with the supermodel figures that were very much in vogue. Swimsuits adapted to current fashions.

1990 | International growth Empreinte meets women's needs all over the world. Its expertise is renowned beyond France, enabling Empreinte to assert its premium brand image internationally. Its modern, bold creations confirm its position as an expert corsetry designer for curvy women all around the globe.

2000 | Emotion The move into the new millennium awakened new desires to change the world and open up new avenues of expression. For Empreinte, this symbolic date was a time to reveal its new identity and unveil a vibrant new style where women actually looked like women.The move into the new millennium awakened new desires to change the world and open up new avenues of expression..

2012 | L'Atelier lingerie
Empreinte exhibits its ranges and brand values at its flagship Atelier Lingerie close to the Place Vendôme in Paris.
This unique location enables it to showcase its expertise, designs and the extensive range of services it offers.
L'Atelier Lingerie displays lingerie in a whole new light, offering an unusual and innovative experience.

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