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1926 Marcel BENA creates a company installs its own name and knitting workshop and elastic tulle corset in her apartment, located in Pantin east of Paris.

1930 - 1944 Charles Fossey, known as Fakir Burmese, arrived in Paris in the 30s to exercise his profession of astrologer.

Ten years later, he decided to retrain. Boasting a world of women's address book, he asks: What good can interest all these women? Their course figure!

He therefore joined with Marcel BENA sheathing to make women's underwear. Thus, the brand was born Barbara.

Entered in 1945, Gilbert BENA, son of Marcel, took over the brand Barbara, on the death of Charles Fossez in 1952 and growing fast.


This year is symbolic since it reflects the empowerment of women and the imminent arrival (1972) of the first collections of underwear: bras and panties.

It is as iconic as the company touches Barbara the CHF 10 million and employs about 150 people.


Barbara is the first brand to use elastic lace to manufacture lingerie. She gained a worldwide reputation for perfect fit with this comfortable lace and remains today, a brand of lace lingerie par excellence.

Jean-Jacques BENA took over management of the company and manages to develop the brand at the highest level since it was at this time the French selling brand in Asia.


First broadcast TV advertising that makes the famous brand with the slogan "Barbara, it's me."


Decade of innovation with the launch of the range "Angel" underwear seamless and invisible under the most fitting clothing. Followed a few years later the new material "spacer", perfect for making seamless bras, both breathable and wrinkle free.


The family goes out of Béna Barbara capital to transfer to a financial investor. The priority is to focus more broadly the brand internationally and focus on large sizes.

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